As Tajikistan’s largest multilateral development partner, ADB has provided over $2.2 billion of assistance to the country since 1998.

The ADB–Tajikistan partnership has helped improve transport and energy infrastructure, social services, food security, resilience to climate change, and regional cooperation and trade.


When it comes to development, ADB is Tajikistan’s largest multilateral partner.

And the numbers show it.

Since 1998, ADB has provided over $2.2 billion in assistance.

Over 700 kilometers of national highways have been rehabilitated, connecting the country’s regions and linking Tajikistan to its neighbors.

Power services are being improved by modernizing 3 hydro plants and many electricity substations, and installing or upgrading over 600 kilometers of transmission and distribution lines. 

ADB is helping to reconnect Tajikistan to the Central Asia power system and implement energy sector reforms.

To fight COVID-19, ADB provided more than $52 million in budget support grants and delivered medical supplies

and provided a $25 million grant to purchase and distribute vaccines.

3 rural districts are benefitting from better maternal and child healthcare services.

Over 100,000 rural households have gained access to clean water.

More than 170,000 hectares of land have better irrigation, drainage, and flood management.

The southeast area of Dushanbe will have better water supply and sanitation.

ADB supported policy reforms to improve the investment climate, tax administration, and fiscal management.

ADB is also helping Tajikistan modernize its technical and vocational training, prepare and respond to natural hazards amid climate change, and develop tourism.

Tajikistan’s partnership with ADB is helping create a brighter future for its people.