ADB has launched a new office in Palau, one full of special features unique to the Pacific country. Local artist Ling Inabo has created a series of wood carvings that not only adorn the office’s conference room, but also capture the unique history and culture of Palau.


"My name is Ling Inabo."

"I’m from Palau and I’m a wood carver. I’ve been carving for over 45 years. Doing the wood carving, it’s all about Palauan culture. I’m an artist so I like to design storyboards, the Palauan legends. That way, I can go back to the past and try to design something that we can see on a storyboard."

Ling's artwork is now a feature of ADB's new office in Palau.

The office opened in January and is modeled on a traditional Palauan meeting house.

"When ADB came to me for the project, I looked at some of their designs. And I liked the concept they were trying to do."

"This is the carving of a taro. The significance of the taro is it’s the main food, the starch food in Palau. It’s very important for the Palauans, the culture also."

"This is the carving of a fish. It’s very important to Palau, fish. People go fishing and sell the fish. And it’s also good to eat, we have a lot of great fish."

The new office is part of ADB's push to build a stronger and more effective presence in the Pacific.

This is the first newly built Pacific Country Office to be opened by ADB.

ADB plans to open six more offices by the end of 2020.

That will give ADB an office in every Pacific country in which it has active projects.

"I think ADB being in Palau, or Palau being part of ADB, I think it’s very important for Palau. We’ve seen a lot of investment, infrastructure. I think it’s very important for ADB to be here and then especially now with the office, the ADB office, I think it’s very important."