ADB has teamed up with local organizations in Vanuatu to boost urban development and promote sustainable fishing.


Text: ADB promotes partnership with civil society organizations in the design and implementation of its projects.

Text: In Vanuatu, ADB partnered with CSOs to implement urban development and sustainable fishing projects

Text: Port Vila Urban Development Project with Wan Smol Bag Theater

Our main work is to make materials, be they theater pieces or comic books or teachers guides around important development issues. [ADB] asked, first of all, for a play around hand-washing, not really about the toilets, but more about how diseases spread. We went round communities and schools. There were various plays and comic books that we were asked to make that fitted in with what the project was about, because it was also aimed improving waste management practices. It was lovely, actually, because some schools changed their practices.

Text: Coral Triangle Initiative with Conservation International and Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Most of our communities are dependent upon reef fish, and Cyclone Pam had come and destroyed everything. The main background of the project is promote fisheries aggregating devices (FADs) all around Vanuatu.

Text: FADS are floating devices used to lure fish in the deep ocean.

We're trying to introduce this FAD program to shift the fishing activities out from the reef, and just to give the reef much more time to regenerate again. The beauty in what we're doing in this project is letting the community know about what they are consuming down at the sea.

Like start or the beginning of the year until the end of the year, we have to know how many fish we catch. Every time, like in a week, we go out fishing, but we have to give time to stay back at home. We don’t go much to the water because of the fish. We have to stay some time give plenty of fish at the sea time [to grow].

Text: Partnering with CSOs enhances ADB’s work.