The ADB Partnership Report 2019 highlights examples of ADB financing partnerships (“cofinancing”) in both ADB’s sovereign and nonsovereign operations. These examples illustrate how cofinancing partnerships are delivering concrete impacts on the ground, how they are aligned with the ADB Strategy 2030’s seven operational priorities, and how cofinancing amplifies ADB’s private sector operations.  

This video highlights key points and stories from the report and how these partnerships have made a significant difference in the lives of the poor.  


In 2019, our financing partners committed $11.86 billion to projects that bolster progress to the Asia and Pacific region. 

Together, we cofinanced 167 projects   across 26 countries in various fields, such as transport, energy, and public sector management. 

Each of our partnerships focused on one or more of our seven priorities and supported our aim to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and Pacific region by 2030. 

Our partnerships delivered outcomes that would have not been possible without shared resources and collaboration. 

In Tajikistan, for instance, the rehabilitation of a road to Uzbekistan has led to greater economic activity and increased cross-border trade and tourism.  

In Sri Lanka, financial institutions were provided with incentives to give women-led and women-owned businesses access to capital, which has boosted women’s economic participation. 

In Viet Nam, over 142,000 poor households from unconnected rural communes finally have access to electricity. 

Some ongoing projects have already yielded gains, such as secure food systems in Bangladesh; safe and modern transport systems in Kiribati; basic water and urban services in Indonesia and India; and reduced violence against women and children in Mongolia.  

2019 also bore witness to new collaborations. 

The New Development Bank is cofinancing its first project with us -- a modern metro railway system in Mumbai that will provide safe and comfortable transport to 7.5 million railway commuters daily.  

With Kacific Broadband Satellites International Limited, we launched the Kacific1 satellite into orbit in December 2019 to bring low-cost broadband internet connectivity to rural and fringe communities.  

Building strong partnerships is at the core of our Strategy 2030.  

We engaged with over 45 different partners from all over the world and hope to connect with more. 

New priorities are emerging as the COVID-19 global pandemic unfolds. 

We are constantly improving our efforts to make our partnerships more dynamic, responsive, and resilient to help economies in Asia and the Pacific, already battered by the virus, get back on their feet.