As the country battles against COVID-19, medical supplies and protective equipment are key to saving lives.

ADB has provided $2.6 million in funding for both to boost Mongolia’s response and readiness for the disease.  

Pavit Ramachandran, ADB Country Director, Mongolia

“We are pleased to be of assistance to the Government of Mongolia as it procured priority supplies and medical equipment to address a situation that could turn out to be a prolonged public health threat here in the country.

“Our assistance has also been helping strengthen coordination and capacity of health workers on the front lines of infection prevention and control.”

Between February and April, 570 pieces of medical equipment were handed over to 34 hospitals around the country

For diagnosis and treatment of patients with respiratory conditions

This included X-rays, ventilators, monitors, portable injection pumps and nebulizers.

Personal protective equipment was also delivered to 700 customs officers working at the borders.

Front line customs officers put their own health and safety at risk.

For seamless flow of goods that are needed for those people under COVID-19 quarantine, ADB support enables customs officers to undertake their duties without interruption.

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, ADB is continuing to partner with the Government of Mongolia

with budget support of $100 million as well as $30 million in new assistance to boost vital healthcare systems.

Pavit Ramachandran, ADB Country Director, Mongolia

 “ADB has been involved in strengthening the health system and health sector since 1993 and we are happy that we can now be here of service at this time of need.”