ADB is Mongolia’s largest multilateral development partner, supporting the country’s development priorities since 1991.

Over three decades, Mongolia and ADB have successfully implemented development projects and programs across all sectors including health, social protection, education, urban development, transport, energy, agriculture, rural development, finance, and trade. These projects are improving people’s lives for the better.

This video shows how ADB is working with the Government of Mongolia and the private sector to ensure that the country has reliable, affordable, and clean electricity and heating by tapping its abundant wind and solar power resources.

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One of the first projects ADB implemented in Mongolia was the rehabilitation of Power Plant  3, which supplies Ulaanbaatar city with heat and electricity. In 1993, the power plant and sections of the heat distribution pipelines were in poor state, causing power blackouts and energy loss. Timely assistance from ADB helped restore the operational stability of the country’s major power facility. As it looks to the future, Mongolia is moving to tap its abundant wind and solar power resources to reduce its near total reliance on coal as an energy source, which is taking a heavy toll on the environment and people’s health. Mongolia is estimated to have renewable resources equivalent to 2,600 gigawatts, which if fully utilized could meet all of the country’s future power needs.

B.Nasantogtokh, State Secretary, Ministry of Energy:
These major government policy documents, such as the government’s energy policy, Long-term Vision 2050, and the recent New Recovery Policy, are very clear about energy measures. Within the framework of this goal, we are working with ADB to implement two projects from 2021. Package 1 is the Upscaling Renewable Energy Project. This includes the construction of medium and low capacity sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and thermal, capacity building, and the necessary technological innovations. The second project is a Battery Energy Storage Project. This is a brand new project involving the deployment of advanced technology. With the implementation of the above two sets of projects, 440 gigawatts of clean energy will be supplied to the Mongolian power system. As of 2025, the project will cut the emission of about 840 thousand tons of carbon dioxide.

As of April 2022, ADB has provided a total of $458 million for 42 projects to support the energy sector in Mongolia.