ADB is Mongolia’s largest multilateral development partner, supporting the country’s development priorities since 1991.

Over three decades, Mongolia and ADB have successfully implemented development projects and programs across all sectors including health, social protection, education, urban development, transport, energy, agriculture, rural development, finance, and trade. These projects are improving people’s lives for the better.

This video shows ADB’s comprehensive support for Mongolia to preserve the country’s fragile ecosystems mitigate climate change impacts, and environmental degradation, and develop community-based sustainable tourism opportunities.

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Mongolia’s unique landscape is rich in natural resources that provide livelihoods to rural communities. But it is vulnerable to climate change due to its fragile ecosystems and geographic location. Advancing desertification, increasingly frequent droughts and dzuds, water scarcity, and loss of biodiversity pose serious threats to Mongolia’s sustainable development. The Government of Mongolia, civil society, and communities recognize the urgent need to preserve Mongolia’s ecosystems, mitigate climate change impacts and environmental degradation due to economic activities. ADB is assisting these efforts by extending both knowledge and practical solutions for resource management. One of the most important initiatives is helping the government develop community-based sustainable tourism opportunities while taking steps to prevent pollution and damage to fragile ecosystems.

D.Nyam-Ochir, Citizen, Khatgal soum, Khuvsgul province:
In 1992, the development of tourism in Khuvsgul began. Today, more than a hundred tourist camps and ger hotels are located around Lake Khuvsgul. In particular, the main tourist destination is from Khatgal to Jankhai, in the center near Khatgal, behind the lake. In general, tourism in Khuvsgul has developed at a faster pace than in other regions and districts. The appearence of the district, local city, and village is improving year by year. Jobs are being created, and local budget revenues and taxes are increasing, and people's lives are improving accordingly.