ADB is Mongolia’s largest multilateral development partner, supporting the country’s development priorities since 1991.

Over three decades, Mongolia and ADB have successfully implemented development projects and programs across all sectors including health, social protection, education, urban development, transport, energy, agriculture, rural development, finance, and trade. These projects are improving people’s lives for the better.

This video shows ADB’s comprehensive support for Mongolia to improve public sector management by setting up the legal framework for a private sector-led market economy, strengthening public financial management, supporting public administration reform, and strengthening public expenditure management. ADB’s policy advice and technical assistance support, as well as policy-based budget support programs have helped Mongolia implement major reforms and stabilization programs throughout numerous financial and economic crises the country had to weather.

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B.Soniunbat, Chief Engineer, Zamiin-Uud Logistics Center:
Container trains from the People’s Republic of China, especially transit and import trains, used to idle on the road due to lack of capacity of the logistics center. As a result, we used to pay high fees to our partners in the PRC for downtime. But with the opening of the logistics center, we have been able to unload wagons as soon as they arrive from the PRC. This helped shippers, customers, and shipping companies save money.

To continue supporting trade, ADB is working with Mongolia to achieve more efficient and cheaper trade flows across four major border crossing points, paving the way for increased trade with neighboring PRC and the Russian Federation. Ongoing operations aim to address the core problem of inefficient trade processes through the rehabilitation and provision of modern equipment in selected border crossing points, upgrading the Customs Automated Information System and preparing ground work for the introduction of single electronic window system for foreign trade.

As of April 2022, ADB has provided a total of $211 million for 20 projects and programs to support the industry and trade sector in Mongolia.