ADB is Mongolia’s largest multilateral development partner, supporting the country’s development priorities since 1991.

Over three decades, Mongolia and ADB have successfully implemented development projects and programs across all sectors including health, social protection, education, urban development, transport, energy, agriculture, rural development, finance, and trade. These projects are improving people’s lives for the better.

This video shows how ADB supported Mongolia expand its urban and rural road networks, improve civil aviation and railways, and boost logistics development.

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Since 1992, the Asian Development Bank has been a major partner in Mongolia’s transport sector development. ADB’s assistance has focused on urban and rural roads, civil aviation, railway, and logistics development. ADB supported the development of major regional transport corridors within the framework of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Transport Strategy 2030, connecting Mongolia with regional transport networks through development of CAREC Corridor 4. These include the CAREC Transport Corridor 4B from Altanbulag–Ulaanbaatar-Zamiin-Uud toward Tianjin Port in the PRC, and Corridor 4A from Ulaanbaishint–Ulgii–Khovd–Yarant toward Urumqi in the PRC. Improved road conditions substantially increased traffic speed, boosting economic activity and people’s mobility. They also help the government eliminate road transport bottlenecks that constrained economic growth.

D.Bauirjan, Governor, Bayan-Ulgii province: 
The AH-4 road passing through Bayan-Ulgii province, built with the support of ADB, has solved the problem of going to the People’s Republic of China and Ulaanbaatar. Five to ten years ago, trucks used to take seven days to travel from Ulaanbaatar to Bayan-Ulgii. Today, thanks to this large-scale construction, they take between 24 and 30 hours. The advantage here is food security. We store in accordance with the storage rules, no need to freeze, no wasting time, and our products reach people on time. I would like to say that it has been a huge development in terms of business turnover and profits. 

As of April 2022, ADB has provided a total of $695 million for 57 projects to support the transport sector in Mongolia.