ADB Women Balancing Professional and Personal Lives: Edna Diez

Video | 19 June 2018

Meet Edna Diez, Human Resources Director and single mom. Edna, like many other women at the Asian Development Bank, balance fulfilling professional and personal lives as they contribute to the bank’s development mission. Watch the video to find out how she does it.


Manila, Philippines - I work as a director in the human resources department.  My job is to lead the transformation programs and the change programs to improve the internal function of the bank.

I joined ADB and came here to Manila without knowing much about the city.

Coming from Latin America, and having lived in developing countries, it was very unknown, I didn’t know what to expect, so we started doing a lot of research about Manila.

It was very surprising to see that it was like any other modern city in a developing country.

What I find most fulfilling about my job is I’m a change and transformation agent, and with the growth of Asia Pacific and the agenda that ADB has, I have a lot of opportunities to effect impactful change within the region.

Women have a lot of opportunities today at ADB. Because ADB is highly committed to attracting, growing and retaining talented women, there’s plenty of opportunities to carve your role and to have meaningful impact.

ADB is currently in a great growth period and there are many opportunities for women to contribute to our mission of improving the lives of people in Asia and the Pacific.

Today, we have women engineers, economists, investment bankers, educators, health professionals – a whole array of professions contributing to our mission.

It is a good time to be at ADB today. And from a human resources perspective, we’re also working on a wide array of talent management initiatives to help with the career development and growth of our staff.

I’m the mother of a 14 year old son, a single mom, and have always been raising him by myself.

I found very interesting and actually surprising, the level of education of international schools that were here.

But also, I think the expatriate community really comes together and they have a great support system.

So that to me was a key decision point as well, to be able to come here, because I needed to make sure that he was going to be taken care of, as well as I had great learning and growth opportunities professionally.

I’m Edna Diez, Director of Human Resources Policy at the Asian Development Bank.