The video highlights the benefits of APA when applied to ADB financed projects.


What are Alternative Procurement Arrangements or APAs?

APA allows the use of procurement rules and procedures of an accredited agency of the borrower, or other development partners, in projects co-financed by ADB.

How do APAs improve project outcomes?

APAs improve operational efficiency by reducing delays in procurement through applying one set of procurement rules and regulations.

APAs lower transaction costs for borrowers and financiers by eliminating the administrative burden of using multiple procurement rules while enhancing harmonization of procurement processes.

When can APAs apply?

APAs apply to projects co-financed by ADB and other development partners who have entered into a procurement framework agreement based on the principles of mutual reliance or under ADB-financed projects where the borrower’s own procurement rules and processes are consistent with ADB’s procurement principles.

How do APAs work with co-financing partners?

APAs work in accordance with the procurement framework agreement following the rules and regulations of the lead co-financier.

How do APAs work with borrowers?

APAs with borrowers work on the basis of the borrower’s or its agency’s procurement rules and procedures assessed and accredited by ADB.