Asian Development Bank Secretary Muhammad Ehsan Khan and Assistant Secretary Harumi Kodama extend an advanced welcome to participants of the 56th Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors, which will be held in Incheon, Republic of Korea, from 2 to 5 May 2023. Visit the Annual Meeting website for details.


Muhammad Ehsan Khan
The Secretary

Greetings from the Asian Development Bank.

This year, from 2nd to 5th May, we will be holding the 56th Annual Meeting of our Board of Governors. 

Our Annual Meetings provide a venue for ADB’s Governors to review the bank’s performance and provide guidance on its operational and financial directions.

This year’s meeting—jointly organized with the Government of the Republic of Korea and hosted in the vibrant high-tech and green city of Incheon—will take the overall theme “Rebounding Asia: Recover, Reconnect, and Reform.”

This theme is particularly relevant. As we put the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, Asia and the Pacific continues to face multiple challenges.

These challenges include climate change, frequent natural disasters, food insecurities, and elevated commodity prices.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, slowing global growth, and other issues have been hampering recovery in the region. 

In the face of these economic headwinds, ADB lowered its growth forecasts for Asia and the Pacific from 4.9% to 4.6% in 2023.

Looking beyond these issues, participants will come together in Incheon to discuss pathways for Asia and Pacific’s sustained and sustainable recovery.

Harumi Kodama
Assistant Secretary

There is a special significance for us this year, since we will be holding a fully in-person Annual Meeting for the first time since before the pandemic. 

The Annual Meeting is an important opportunity for finance ministers, central bank governors, and other officials from ADB’s members to interact with our Management and staff, as well as civil society, academe, media, and the private sector.

Seminars will address topics such as the workforce and technology needs of the region’s green transition, gender and financial inclusion, new sources of growth for Asia, and the private sector’s role in promoting sustainable green growth. 

The flagship Governors’ Seminar will focus on the policies needed to support Asia and the Pacific’s rebound. 

We will also have popular events like President Asakawa's fireside chat and the annual CNBC Debate. 

At the Business Session, ADB President Asakawa will update the board of governors on the bank’s operations and set forth his vision for the organization. 

I am pleased to say that we are resuming our full programs for media and civil society, hosting events by partners and private sector sponsors, and supporting on the sidelines subregional gatherings such as the meeting of ASEAN+3 finance ministers.

Last but not least, the ADB Annual Meeting provides a showcase for the achievements, experiences, transformation, and the culture of our host country—the Republic of Korea.  

We are certainly excited to be holding our Annual Meeting in the country for the first time since 2004 and look forward to welcoming you all there.

So join us in the first week of May for the 56th Annual Meeting in the smart green city of Incheon!

See you in Incheon!