As Azerbaijan’s largest multilateral development partner, the Asian Development Bank has mobilized over $5 billion in financing for the country since 1999.

ADB has helped upgrade energy and transport infrastructure, promote private sector development, improve public sector efficiency, develop clean water and modern sewerage networks, and provided flood protection assistance.


Azerbaijan is a country on the move. Rich in history and culture, Azerbaijan is modernizing its economy and improving the quality of life of its people.

Since 1999, the Asian Development Bank and Azerbaijan have been working together to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. In 2004, ADB opened its resident mission in the capital Baku. In May 2015, Azerbaijan hosted ADB’s 48th Annual Meeting.

Today, ADB is Azerbaijan’s largest multilateral development partner with $5 billion of investments in over 80 projects implemented.

ADB has been supporting the government’s priorities to deliver reliable electricity supply, clean water and modern sewerage networks, better transportation, and improved business environment to its people.

ADB-assisted projects upgraded 1,000 power substations, 300 kilometers of power transmission lines and 5,000 kilometers of power distribution lines, improving electricity supply for over 100,000 households.

With ADB support, 325 kilometers of national highways and rural roads were rehabilitated and 166 kilometers of railway lines are being improved, helping to develop a domestic an international transport network that is efficient, safe, and sustainable.

ADB brought clean water and improved access to sanitation for almost half a million people in five towns and protected 240,000 people from flooding.

ADB provided financing and equity investment to Azerbaijani private sector entities, including seven banks and a cement producer, and co-financed the Shah-Deniz 2 gas field project. ADB supported government-led reforms to strengthen governance and improve public sector efficiency.

Through the ADB-Azerbaijan partnership, development knowledge was disseminated, international best practices adopted, and new technologies used. ADB promoted structural reforms, strategy formulation, innovative project design, modern procurement, gender, social safeguards and sound project implementation systems. Azerbaijan is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. ADB helped Azerbaijan to foster cross-border transit and trade under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program.

“One small action today can help change what happens in the future.” Today, Azerbaijan takes concrete actions for a brighter tomorrow for its young citizens.

ADB is proud of its partnership with Azerbaijan and looks forward to many more years of productive cooperation for the benefit of the Azerbaijani people.