This video explains Bidding Related Complaints, when they can occur in the procurement cycle, and why it is important for borrowers to address them in a timely manner.


What are bidding-related complaints?

Bidding-related complaints generally result from possible discrepancies in how the borrower’s executing agency conducts procurement for ADB-funded projects.

These are normally registered by interested bidders, to ADB or the borrower, and may arise prior to or after bids are submitted, or after a contract is awarded.

How a complaint is handled depends on which stage of the bidding process it relates to and the possible discrepancy registered in the complaint.

Why is it important to address bidding-related complaints?

If handled poorly by the borrower, complaints can be time-consuming and thus delay the procurement process and consequently, project implementation.

A well-managed system for handling complaints allows the borrower and ADB to avoid using resources beyond what is necessary to address the issue.

What guides ADB’s approach to dealing with bidding-related complaints?

Complaints brought to the attention of the borrower or ADB should be clearly specified so they can be addressed objectively and in a timely manner, in line with ADB’s core procurement principles of Transparency and Fairness.

ADB’s guidance note contains clear procedures on how bidding-related complaints are submitted and how they can be handled properly by the borrower.