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Bula Vinaka! ADB Invites Delegates to its 52nd Annual Meeting

Video | 7 January 2019

ADB Secretary Eugenue Zhukov extends an advanced welcome to delegates of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors, which will be held in Nadi, Fiji, from 1 to 5 May 2019.

The event will be an opportunity for delegates to discuss issues ranging from climate change and disaster resilience, to the promotion of healthy oceans and women entrepreneurs.


Hello and welcome, or as they say in Fiji, bula vinaka!

We at the Asian Development Bank welcome you to the 52nd Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors.  This year, we are happy to bring the Annual Meeting for the first time to a developing member country in the Pacific Islands.  Fiji - known to the world for its beautiful nature, wonderful people, and vibrant economy, opens its doors to share their island nation’s story of progress and success.  

Last year, we embarked on our Strategy 2030, to bring about a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific. As poverty and inequality remain as challenges for this fast-growing region, we developed a strategy to respond to these evolving needs by scaling up operations, strengthening finance, leveraging knowledge and partnerships.

With this year’s Annual Meeting, ADB will showcase how it continuously strives to help build and shape a better future for Asia and the Pacific. We will discuss the climate change and disaster resilience; the promotion of healthy oceans; women entrepreneurs; as well as renewable energy and other exciting issues of the day. We invite you join us as we move forward to create connections and partnerships for the future.   

See you in Fiji in May!