This video defines consulting services and how they can be utilized by borrowers for ADB funded projects.


What are consulting services and how do they apply to ADB projects

Consulting services offer ADB borrowers additional capacity and resources at various stages of the project cycle—from planning and approval to implementation and evaluation after completion where specialized expertise in key developmental focus areas is critical for project delivery.

How is ADB helping borrowers engage consultancy services efficiently?

While individual consultants and consulting firms must be from an ADB member country, borrowers can now work with experts from non-ADB member countries if hired through consulting firms enabling them to choose from a larger pool of qualified consultants to find the right skill sets for their projects.

The number of submissions for approval between borrowers and ADB has also been reduced, enabling a faster and more efficient consultant selection process.

How do consulting services impact project outcomes?

When borrowers engage specialized consultants at key phases in the project cycle they gain expertise that can help provide better quality assurance and performance management.

With their flexible nature and the ability for borrowers to tailor arrangements to address their unique requirements and capacity constraints, consulting services can deliver the right level of outputs to help strengthen project outcomes.