ADB’s Bangladesh Resident Mission hosted a cooking competition for graduates from an ADB financed skills development program teaching culinary arts and entrepreneurship. They are among thousands of trainees who are ready to use their new-found skills to build generate incomes for them and their families.


Something’s cooking at ADB’s office in Dhaka – BRM

These women are graduates of a scheme to teach cooking skills

Funded with the help of the ADB Skills for Employment Investment Program  

KM Hasan Ripon, Executive Director of Bangladesh Skill Development Institute 

"As you can see in our Institute, we are developing women, specially for the job market and at the same time for entrepreneurship development."

Manmohan Parkash, ADB Country Director, Bangladesh

"So they go through the 60-day program where they learn how to make good food and how to run good businesses."


"Bangladesh has 160 million people and half of them are women so without developing women’s skills or enhancing women’s skills it is impossible to achieve the vision of 2030 set by our honorable Prime Minister."

Anamika Akter, Trainee

"Before am doing a job after I leave the job, if I am doing something different which will make me independent. Like, I am passionate about baking, so I thought why not this profession. It is a very unique thing that I feel it is going to be good if I am doing this business."

Kaniz Humayra, Trainee

"Because I am a business student, I was an MBA on business, I thought this is the right time to do something for myself independently, do something for me, for my family so I came here and got the training and now I completed this training and now I am confident to do my own business. And I am ready to serve people oil free and healthy food."

Taslima Rahman, Trainee

"Before that I would not do anything I was a housewife and now I can make my own money to do something for me and myself, and my family or any other people paying in our society I can do it for them and myself also."


"Today is the last day of this program. We are giving them certificates. We also had a competition where they cook the food, which was tasted by all of the ADB staff at BRM."


"We are really happy to see the vibrations from ADB and the way  and the enthusiasm they are showing to this project—the SEIP project—it is really praiseworthy."


"It was good to see these women entrepreneurs are going to set up businesses that can take care of young children, old women, young men, people going to offices. They have brilliant ideas and inviting them to BRM was a great experience."

Under the SEIP, 78,812 trainees have been enrolled in various skills schemes to help them, their families, and their country build a better tomorrow.