ADB’s $300 million Sustainable Urban Transport Investment Program in Georgia is complete. It has helped improve an access road to mountainous Svaneti region, strengthened connectivity between Rustavi town and the capital Tbilisi, constructed a new “State University” metro station in Tbilisi, and rehabilitated the metro network’s cabling and ventilation. The project also helped develop Tbilisi’s transport and mobility masterplans, coastal protection works in Batumi, and rehabilitate Georgian Technical University’s tunnel and bridge engineers’ laboratory.


It’s now safer and easier to explore Georgia’s cities, from the bustling capital Tbilisi, and those in mountainous, historic Svaneti to Batumi’s coast by the Black Sea.

Over 10 years, ADB helped transform Georgia’s urban landscape through a $300 million program.

Svaneti region, long isolated by poor access roads, is now a tourist destination.

Upgrading a 26-kilometer road has improved access to hiking and skiing spots and to a UNESCO world heritage site.

Elene Ganaia
Hotel owner in Mestia

Today it takes 2.5-3 hours but before the rehabilitation it took local citizens 5-6 hours to reach Zugdidi, the nearest regional center. This road brought a lot of good to the local population. Many people return because they now see ways to earn here.

In Batumi, coastal works reduced the damage of erosion and storm surges, protecting 5 kilometers of coast and roads, and creating a safe environment for urban development.

Shane Rosenthal
Country Director for Georgia
Asian Development Bank

The impact of the program is to contribute to sustainable infrastructure that is most relevant to the growth of the economy. And here of course the tourism industry is a very important part of what is driving future growth - to ensure that this is sustainable and relevant but at the same time to make cities more livable.

In Tbilisi, a new, modern metro station is driving more people to use public transport.

Rehabilitating the metro’s cabling and ventilation also improved safety and efficiency.

Giorgi Sharkov
General Director
Tbilisi Transport Company

This University metro station has greatly developed the area. A lot of houses have been built and we think this urban development was enabled by the new metro station.

ADB also helped develop comprehensive plans to improve transport and mobility in Tbilisi.

Kakha Kaladze
Tbilisi Mayor

ADB supported us in implementing important projects for Tbilisi such as the construction of the metro University station, Tbilisi-Rustavi road, and the Tbilisi Transport Strategy, which enabled us to implement a modern transport policy in Tbilisi, develop public transport, and ease traffic.

A 14-kilometer road from Rustavi to Tbilisi was upgraded to improve safety and access to the capital, benefiting commuters and connecting travelers to the main regional transport node of East-West Highway.

To support future generations of transport engineers, the project helped transform the Georgian Technical University’s bridge and tunnel lab into a high-standard learning center.

Irakli Karseladze
Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure

ADB’s support has been huge and of course we are very thankful for this assistance. We have everything in place to deepen our partnership and further implement several important projects.