Flood Prevention Efforts in Tajikistan

Video | 1 August 2013

ADB's support for flood prevention in the south province of Khatlon brings relief to its flood weary residents.


Title: Flood Prevention Efforts in Tajikistan

Description: ADB’s support for flood prevention in the southwest province of Khatlon brings relief to its flood weary residents.

VO: In Khatlon province - in the rural south of Tajikistan - life may appear to be calm and stress free.

But in 2005, the swollen Pyanj River surged over a series of antiquated embankments in this rich agricultural area, sweeping away everything that lay in its path. 

The lack of routine maintenance in the difficult years following Tajikistan's independence in 1991 was largely responsible for the failure of the dikes to contain the river.

SOT:  Gadoi Masayumov
The flood was an avalanche of mud and water that was higher than I am. It was very damaging, almost all the houses were destroyed and it was impossible to live here.

VO: More than four thousand hectares of agricultural land was flooded...bridges, roads, houses, water towers, canals and river banks were destroyed. Khatlon province is a vital and agricultural centre and the people here depend on their land for income.  Extreme flooding caused about USD 50 million in damage. Over 16,000 people had to be evacuated.

SOT: Mr. Sitam Sharifov
We lived in tents for a while but now we have resettled in a safe place. I have 12 people in my family and we have a new four roomed house now, with all faculties.

VO: ADB has funded over 11 kilometres of flood protection embankments and 18 spur dikes along the Pyanj River.

SOT: Abdujabor Katayev
Deputy Chairman, Hamadoni District
When we have finished this project the whole population of the area will be protected from future floods.

VO: These new river banks protect families, livelihoods, livestock, water resources and land. In rural Tajikistan, life has returned to normal.