Harnessing AI to Address Asia and the Pacific’s Development Needs

Video | 02 May 2024



Barriers to adopting AI will cause developing countries to risk missing out on the immense potential for this technology to address development challenges in areas like healthcare, agriculture, and climate change.

ADB is helping to build its developing members’ capacity to deploy responsible AI solutions that can drive inclusive development.

The digital divide limits developing countries' ability to harness AI for development.

ADB bridges the gap by building AI capacity and infrastructure in its developing members.

There are serious concerns about bias in algorithms and a lack of transparency in AI.

ADB promotes the development and deployment of fair, unbiased, and explainable AI solutions through its Ethical Framework.

The rapid development of AI creates a gap in the skilled workforce needed to implement and manage AI solutions.

ADB's AI and Big Data Lab fosters knowledge sharing and capacity building to bridge the AI skills gap in DMCs.

Not adopting AI could mean a reduced ability for developing countries to analyze complex data sets which can better-inform decision making.

ADB is exploring using AI to determine the most climate-resilient road pavement designs and those with the smallest carbon-footprint. 

AI tools can unlock insights from vast datasets to tackle complex and interconnected challenges related to the SDGs.

ADB leverages its extensive data sets and AI tools to generate data-driven solutions for achieving the SDGs.

A lack of AI capability can limit developing countries’ retrieval and analysis of real-time information to make decisions.

ADB is leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate the retrieval of insights from project documents to improve decision-making.

AI can be used to extract relevant information and identify patterns within data to support project development and implementation.

ADB promotes innovation and explores new AI applications to enhance knowledge discovery and project development processes.


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