This video demonstrates how High Level Technology (HLT) can be harnessed by borrowers to help improve outcomes in procurement activities funded under ADB loans and grants.


How is high-level technology applied to procurement in ADB projects?

High-level technology, or HLT, enables borrowers to modernize their procurement to enhance efficiency and transparency.

HLT can be applied through a variety of ways such as using specialized equipment, integrating it into project processes, or hiring experts through consulting services.

It can also be applied through the introduction of existing technologies in new markets, particularly in developing countries.

How is Value for Money attained in HLT procurement?

While upfront investment in HLT may be significant, long-term benefits such as efficiency, transparency, and reliability can outweigh initial costs, making the assessment of Value for Money over the lifespan of the technology an important consideration.

However, in HLT procurement, the borrower’s capacity development is often necessary to ensure successful technology implementation, transfer, and maintenance.

Why is the innovation cycle important in HLT procurement?

HLT goes through stages of innovation—from research and development to pre-commercialization and commercialization, wherein the final product is introduced to the market and adopted by users.

As the technology matures, improving or modifying the product calls for further innovation and the process is repeated.

ADB’s Guidance Note helps borrowers understand the innovation cycle and conduct Value for Money analysis in the procurement of HLT.