This is the Tonga Outer Island Renewable Energy Project—a success story not just for renewable energy here, but also for gender equality.

Foketi Kuluka
Tonga Power Ltd Manager

The truth is, the energy sector is a great place to work in. The type of work in the energy sector is used daily by people: such as gas, oil for our vehicles.

Lose Uai
Energy Technician

I did not obtain a special qualification for the energy sector. My qualifications are in business and accounting. I decided to apply to this job in a male-dominated sector. Therefore, I would encourage women who are still looking for a job to consider the energy sector.

Foketi Kuluka
Tonga Power Ltd Manager

Men have two hands, women have two hands as well. So why are men able to do this kind of work and women can’t? We can do it, any type of work related to the energy sector.

The project is cofinanced by ADB, Australia, Tonga, the EU, the Global Environment Facility, and the Second Danish Cooperation Fund.

In 2022, it is now nearing its target of having 30% women in its workforce.

‘Oto ‘Oto Hausia
Network Planner

A big sacrifice is required to complete the works of this project.

When rested, you have to get up and come to work and complete your tasks. The things I get to learn each day become something to develop my knowledge to further improve the way I perform my tasks.