Despite progress in Asia and the Pacific, reducing poverty remains an unfinished mission. As the region’s main source of jobs, growth, and innovation, the private sector is key to completing this mission.

Through its private sector operations department, the Asian Development Bank helps private companies to empower communities through better jobs, higher incomes, and improved access to energy, health and education. All while ensuring profitability and commercial sustainability for its clients.


Asia and the Pacific has been the world’s fastest-growing region in recent decades. It is expected to account for more than half of global production by 2050. The Asian Development Bank has been a key partner in the region’s stunning transformation.

Despite this progress, reducing poverty remains an unfinished agenda. New challenges like climate change also need urgent attention. The vibrant, growing, and dynamic private sector is critical to meeting the overall goals of the Asian Development Bank.

ADB works with private sector clients to empower communities in many ways: build the infrastructure they need, provide social services, boost farmer incomes and small and medium-sized enterprises, deliver clean energy.

The aim is to have development impact while ensuring profitability and commercial sustainability.

By 2024, ADB expects the number of its private sector projects to be 1/3 of its total operations.

ADB’s vision is to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, sustainable Asia and the Pacific.

Partner with the Asian Development Bank, and together let’s achieve this vision while sustaining efforts to eradicate extreme poverty.