ADB has introduced changes to its procurement framework. Watch the video to know the major changes and their impact on procurement outcomes.


Aligned with Strategy 2030, ADB’s New Procurement Framework aims to deliver Quality and Value for Money, in addition to existing core principles, across all projects.

Less emphasis on rules marks a shift to a more flexible, principles-based, and modern approach to procurement.

To support this transition, ADB has produced an extensive toolkit to help users utilize new features available.

Strategic Procurement Planning helps determine the best approach for optimal project outcomes right at the start of the project cycle.

The ADB Procurement Risk Framework allows users to identify and mitigate risks to a project’s cost, quality, and sustainability.

Open Competitive Bidding consolidates the procurement of goods, works, and services under a single method that is more flexible and responsive to market conditions.

The New Procurement Framework provides users additional options to address Abnormally Low Bids to ensure quality procurement outcomes.

A risk-based approach determines the type of procurement review and improves efficiency by applying a fit-for-purpose methodology.

The procurement of High-Level Technology fosters innovation in ADB-financed projects.

For consulting services, ADB has eased hiring rules to optimize flexibility, competition, and efficiency, allowing for fit-for-purpose engagements.

For borrowers, ADB has eased eligibility restrictions to allow experts from non-ADB member countries to be engaged through eligible firms.

The option to implement a Standstill Period provides opportunity to register concerns about the bid process.

To support the use of New Procurement Framework, ADB promotes the use of e-Procurement systems to strengthen capacity and increase efficiency for developing member countries.

ADB allows borrowers to use their own accredited procurement procedures or those of accredited co-financing partners under Alternative Procurement Arrangements.

To ensure more effective reporting, monitoring, and resolution of complaints, ADB implemented a new online Procurement Complaints Tracking System.

Rather than focusing primarily on transactions, ADB now acts as a strategic partner providing enhanced end-to-end procurement support to deliver improved project outcomes.