Conducting an environmental impact assessment is a critical process done for projects which ADB invests in. This helps policy and decisionmakers in ensuring that a project integrates the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability into its design and implementation.

Emma Marsden, a Senior Environment Specialist from the United Kingdom, talks about her work in the Energy Division of ADB’s South Asia Department. She shares how her experiences from Europe and her exposure to different countries and cultures have enriched her capacity to contribute to a wide range of projects in the region.


Making an impact: Working at ADB

Meet Emma Marsden, Senior Environment Specialist from the United Kingdom.

What is your role at ADB?

My name is Emma Marsden and I'm from the United Kingdom.

I am working at the Asian Development Bank as a Senior Environment Specialist in the Energy Division of our South Asia Department.

My role is to work with project officers and our borrowers to make sure that they conduct environmental impact assessment of the projects we are investing in, and to make sure that environmental sustainability considerations are integrated into their design and implementation.

What is your background?

My education is a Bachelor’s in Environmental Management, followed by a Master’s in Environmental Impact Assessment. Prior to joining the Asian Development Bank, I was working as an environmental consultant in Europe, undertaking environmental impact assessment for a range of development projects, in the water, energy, and urban sectors.

What are the important skills to thrive in ADB?

I would recommend coming with a sound technical background and strong professional ethics and be willing to work in an integrated manner with multi-disciplinary teams in order that our projects can achieve the most sustainable outcome for the environment and the society.

What do you like most about working at ADB?

I’ve really enjoyed learning about and working with the different cultures and countries where projects have been based and, also the huge diversity of projects that I have had the opportunity to be involved with.

One day I could be working on a small-scale solar rooftop project in rural Asia, the next I could be working on a mega energy infrastructure project with complex environmental impacts that need to be mitigated.

What has been your biggest achievement during your time at ADB?

I feel like I have made a positive contribution where I’ve been able to take the knowledge and experience that I have gained from my time working in Europe and apply those to an Asian setting where environmental regulations are often less mature. It’s really encouraging when you see a difference in people’s capacity and project outcomes for the environment.

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