For many women like Sarvesh Chauhan who live on the edge of poverty, access to microfinance loans can open a path to a brighter future for themselves and their families. 

ADB's Regional Microfinance Risk Participation and Guarantee Program is a credit enhancement program that supports microfinance institutions and currently works in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. The program is working to expand regionally to ensure more low-income clients like Sarvesh can get access to financial services. #RuralWomen


Millions of people across Asia live on the edge of poverty. Meeting basic needs is a challenge and unplanned expenses can be devastating. 

In emerging Asia, the Asian Development Bank is supporting microfinance institutions to expand access to finance, and access to opportunity. 

Sarvesh Chauhan, a buffalo milk supplier and seamstress in Uttar Pradesh, tells her story about her microfinance loan and how it is helping her family. 

"In the past, (as a buffalo milk supplier), I was the sole breadwinner at home. My husband was sick for 2 and a half years and I had to pay for his medical expenses. I also had to support my 3 children.  

Life was so hard. I had to borrow money from a local moneylender at a high interest rate so I could pay for our daily expenses. Sometimes I was unable to pay for my children’s school fees on time. I also had to borrow money to pay for my husband’s operation. 

I got two loans from (microfinance institution) Satin that I used to buy a second buffalo. I also bought a sewing machine so I could earn money from sewing clothes.  

With the income I earned from selling buffalo’s milk and from sewing clothes, I was able to buy a cow which I also used for selling milk. I was able to pay back all the money I borrowed.  

Today my husband has recovered and works as a cloth dyeing laborer. I have a stable source of income from my livestock and from sewing clothes.  

My happiness comes from my children. I’m happy whenever I see them happy. I hope that they finish their studies and become professionals one day." 

ADB is expanding its microfinance support helping open the door to more opportunities.