With girls in Mongolia spending more time online and falling prey to cyber harassment, an ADB technical assistance is providing digital and crowdsourcing approaches to prevent new forms of gender-based violence, increase reporting, and hold predators accountable.


Mongolia’s COVID-19 health protocols required minors to stay at home.

Schools used televised and internet-based classes to continue their teaching.

Most girls spend hours online for school, socialization, and coping with the lockdown.

Many girls and adolescents miss their friends and crave for companionship outside of family.

The constant online exposure, risky online behavior, and the need to reach out socially make adolescents vulnerable to cyber bullying and sexual harassment.

An ADB technical assistance meets the girls where they are – in cyberspace using the same technologies and platforms to help them protect themselves, and hold predators accountable.

ADB organized a hackathon for Mongolians to brainstorm solutions to address new forms of online gender-based violence.

Some apps help survivors gather evidence, file official complaints to send strong signals that the predators’ actions are criminal.

With the Mongolian government and CSOs, ADB helps survivors report gender-based violence and get the information and services they need to protect girls and families.