Daily life is getting better for the family of Otgonchimeg Jambalsuren and others in the Bayankhoshuu ger area in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar thanks to new infrastructure built under an ADB project, confinanced with the European Investment Bank.

The new infrastructure, including upgraded heating and sanitation systems, a river embankment, kindergarten, and business incubator center, are making the ger area cleaner, safer, and more environmentally resilient.

Some 840,000 people, 60% of the population of Ulaanbaatar and 30% of everyone in the country, live in these unplanned ger neighborhoods.


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Otgonchimeg Jambalsuren
Resident of Bayankhoshuu
"My name is Otgonchimeg Jambalsuren. I'm 34 years old. I live with my husband and three children. It's been 13 years since I moved here to Bayankhoshuu. I used to live in Bayangol district with my parents. The ger district is a convenient place to raise kids, kids can go outside and play whenever they want. But we also fave challenges. It is very dusty in summer and smoky in winter."

Nearly a million people, or 60% of everyone in Ulaanbaatar, live in these unplanned neighborhoods. There is little infrastructure and few social services.

An ADB project is now upgrading basic infrastructure and services to improve daily like for Otgonchimeg and many other families in Ulaanbaatar.

Her 5-year old son goes to the nearby kindergarten established under the project.

Usukhbayar Baasansuren
Otgonchimeg's son
"I am learning to write my name. I am learning mathematics. I really like the toys in my kindergarten."

Otgonchimeg Jambalsuren
Resident of Bayankhoshuu
"Kindergarten #261 was opened in December 2018. With the opening of this kindergarten, I am working as an accountant."

A new business incubator next door will help others, like Usukhbayar's siblings to get jobs or training.

Baasansuren Choidog
Otgonchimeg's husband
"I think these vocational education centers are very useful. My eldest kids are in 7th and 8th grade. I will enroll them in the vocational training center when they graduate from 9th grade. We don't have any other training centers around here. We never had."

ADB's project, with the support from the Government of Mongolia and the European Investment Bank, has also expanded roads and laid water and sewerage pipes.

Heating services should reduce the need for coal stoves while a new river embankment will prevent Bayankhoshuu from flooding. Developing well-served districts is part of the Ulaanbaatar city master plan.

Batbayasgalan Jantsan
Vice Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City
"Ulaanbaatar should not be a city with one single center. We started a project in 2009 to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our citizens and provide access to high-quality public services throughout subcenters."

The changes mean Bayankhoshu is becoming a better place to live.

Otgonchimeg Jambalsuren
Resident of Bayankhoshuu
A green environment without any dust and playground for kids. That's the sort of place where it's nice to live.