The Lao People’s Democratic Republic has built a new road with help from ADB linking the tourist town of Luangprabang with the country’s border with Thailand. Finished in 2014, the 367-km road provides access to goods, services and jobs and new businesses are flourishing along its length.


Lao People's Democratic Republic. ADB has helped upgrade a national highway linking the culturally important town of Luangprabang with the country's border with Thailand.

The project upgraded 367 km of main road and 100 km of access roads. The road provides access to goods, services, and jobs. Many new business now flourish along its length.

SOT: Sengchan Savatphoun
Shop and cafe owner
Xieng Ngern district
"I saw a business opportunity because of the improved road. Then I set up the shop and it's going well."

The highway has created many jobs as agricultural exports to Thailand have risen.

Loun Keomany has taken advantage of the growth in tourism from Thailand to Luangprabang, a World Heritage site, building up his small bus company in Khenethao district, Xayabury province.

SOT: Loun Keomany
Kang village, Paklay district
Xayabury province
"The road is most important for my business. This excellent highway helps facilitate people to easily transport their goods to markets and travel to Xayabury, Luangprabrang province."

Every few kilometers on the new road, a fuel station is under construction. There's money to be made, as entrepreneur Bouavone Soukthavy explains.

SOT: Bouavone Soukthavy
Souvannaphoum village
Paklay district, Xayabury province
"The number of vehicles has increased significantly now that we a have a good road. This is good for my business and I can sell more petrol."

The project provides an important link in the Greater Mekong Subregion transport corridors.

SOT: Rattanatay Luanglatbandith
Public Management Specialist
Asian Development Bank
"It integrates local economies especially in countries like the Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Viet Nam as one economy like the People's Republic of China and Thailand further down to Singapore and Malaysia."