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What is Open Competitive Bidding?

Video | 4 September 2019

This video highlights the various benefits of OCB in the procurement process.


What is Open Competitive Bidding?

Open Competitive Bidding, or OCB, is the preferred method of procurement for ADB-funded projects. By encouraging competition, OCB attracts the most qualified and capable bidders, nationally and internationally, to compete for ADB funded projects.

How does OCB apply?

The decision on how to apply OCB, and whether to advertise nationally or internationally, is driven by strategic procurement planning and depends on context of the project; its risk profile; and the anticipated supply market for goods, works, and services in the borrower’s country.

What are the benefits of OCB?

With its highly adaptable and flexible approach, OCB allows for fit-for-purpose contracting to suit the unique needs of each borrower; mitigates procurement and supply market risks; helps achieve value for money for each project; and ultimately, ensures that the right level of inputs result in the desired outcomes.