This video outlines how Procurement Review is conducted under ADB’s New Procurement Framework.


What is Procurement Review?

A Procurement Review is ADB’s review of its borrower’s procurement activities and transactions.

What are the benefits of Procurement Review?

It ensures that ADB’s funds are used for the intended purpose and procurement is conducted in accordance with ADB’s procurement policies and procedures.

How does ADB carry out a Procurement Review?

During a Procurement Review, ADB reviews the borrower’s procurement procedures, prequalification documents, bidding documents, and bid evaluation report. After completing its review, ADB will either provide its no-objection to the recommendation for contract award or inform the borrower that the intended award would be inconsistent with ADB policies and procedures, as appropriate.

What is Prior Review and what is Post Review?

ADB carries out Prior Review or Post Review considering project and activity specific procurement risks. On “high-risk” contracts, Prior Review is conducted. This involves reviewing each crucial procurement milestone before moving to the next step of the procurement process.

In Post Review, review commences after the contract is awarded, on a sampling basis. Contracts not required for Prior Review qualify for Post Review (Sampling).

What are the benefits of Post Review (Sampling)?

Low-risk, low-impact contracts are considered for Post Review (Sampling), enhancing procurement process efficiency.

ADB’s Guidance Note explains the requirements for Prior Review or Post Review and the process for how these are conducted.