Tourism in the Pacific is increasing and a key driver of economic growth. In Palau, recent internet connection upgrade is helping promote the island country's tourism industry.  

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is investing on Palau's involvement with the North Pacific Regional Connectivity Investment Project. Through this project the island nation is connected to the international cable hub at Guam by fiber-optic submarine cable. Affordable and high-speed broadband internet access is enabling news ways to develop Palau's tourism sector.   

Tourism industry is creating a path to economic security that aligns with broader development goals. In May, at ADB's 52nd Annual Meeting in Fiji, experts and stakeholders will discuss the role of tourism for sustainable development.


Koror, Palau – "The National Museum was established in 1955. That was 10 years after the war, the founders of the museum were worried that everything will be lost. The museum is there to record, document, preserve, and connect for the Palauan people. And at the same time to showcase Palau to our visitors coming in. I would say maybe more than 75% of visitors coming to Palau would visit the National Museum," shares Pia Morei Remengesau, Director of Palau National Museum.

How reliable internet connection is helping Palau preserve its history and promote tourism? 

Palau is a perfect destination for tourists with its rich history, unspoiled beauty, and friendly people. 

"We have very rich resources. We have a media section here that has a lot of tapes and music. So, with this connectivity, with the faster internet we can finally connect with the rest of the world. And maybe develop a better website where everything can be uploaded. It’s so timely because the ethnographic documentation of Palau 100 years ago has been translated into English. So, it’s now available online and finally we can upload on our media archive. So, people doing research will be able to access information that we have," continues Remengesau  

Tourism is a key drivers for economic development in the island nation.

The Asian Development Bank's investment to improve Palau's internet connection is helping boost its tourism industry. 

"Small hotels are restrained in putting up their information in the internet because it’s costly for them. But with the affordable and faster connectivity, all the information will be available all over the world. So, it will definitely attract new set of tourists and explore what is there in Palau," anticipates Sibesh Bhattacharya, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Asian Development Bank.

Reliable connectivity is helping Palau keep pace with today’s world.

"This telecom advancement has been and will always be a critical component of our sustainable development especially in the tourism industry," states Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., President of the Republic of Palau.