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Rising Out of Poverty through Education in Nepal

Video | 8 May 2017

An ADB-supported project, run in collaboration with the Swiss Development Corporation, helped over 59,000 students in Nepal learn new trade skills and find jobs, breaking the poverty cycle and often challenging gender stereotypes.


Skills for Employment. Nepal.

Ishwori is among the first professionally trained women masons in Nepal.

SOT: Ishwori Sarki
"I faced great difficulties in my life. The financial situation at home was very poor. There were frequent quarrels and fights. I felt powerless, I was tormented.

Once my training ended, I managed to find a job with CE Constructions. I started at a low rank, but I was later promoted to a staff-level job. My work colleagues respect me."

SOT: Purna Manandhar
Construction Site Supervisor
"I've been working in construction for many years. As a woman mason, Ishwori has done very well for herself in a male-dominated profession."

SOT: Ishwori Sarki
"Thanks to my job, I gained the respect of my family. As I started earning, everyone at home became well disposed toward me. I'm so happy now."

Today, Ishwori is a successful woman, earns good money, and is respected at home and at work.

SOT: Er. Nirmal Prasad Neupane
Principal, Balaju School of Engineering and Technology
"Balaju Institute provides training to students from rural regions of Nepal. The employment percentage of our institute is more than 85%. We continue to work toward this aim."

Ram Bahadur is a plumber who was trained at an institute supported by ADB. After training, he started his own plumbing service.

SOT: Ram Bahadur Bishwakarma
"I heard about an opportunity for plumbing training. I received training that was funded by ADB. After my training I worked in Kathmandu for 2 years, and now have been in Besishahar for five years.

Presently, I'm working at 25-30 sites. I've been successful in giving employment to 4-5 people who work as my assistants. I feel very happy. This kind of training makes people capable and self-reliant.

After I received my training, my financial situation improved a lot. I purchased land and now I send my children to an English school. I feel this training is necessary. Plumbing is a service that's always in demand. People can call for me anytime and I will always be in service."