Local governments have been at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 and played a key role in responding to the critical needs and providing basic services to their citizens. ADB’s developing member countries increasingly recognize that many of the roadblocks to achieving the SDGs in Asia and the Pacific can only be addressed by providing increased and focused support to local governments.

Empowering local governments to implement the SDGs addresses recognized needs for (i) strong legal frameworks with clear functional assignments and authorities among government tiers; (ii) enabling fiscal frameworks and financing mechanisms, (iii) strengthening operational efficiencies of local public institutions through digitization of systems and capacity development; (iv) improved data collection and management system; (v) partnerships with private sector, civil society organizations, and development partners, and (vi) platforms for knowledge sharing and effective coordination.

This high-level event will highlight ongoing efforts to support local action to implement the SDGs, and opportunities for multilateral institutions to foster these emerging initiatives. This interactive exchange will include representatives from ADB’s UN partners, notably ESCAP and UNDP, as well as city and local government leaders from the Asia-Pacific region, civil society, academia, and subject-matter experts.