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Sow What – ADBI on Agribusiness

Video | 30 July 2018

ADB Institute offers practical solutions that will help farmers in developing countries boost their earnings through innovative agricultural practices.


Sow What – ADBI on Agribusiness

Many farmers in developing countries want to find new markets to climb up the global food value chain.

But they don’t know the best way

ADB Institute recommends

Don’t get stuck in a rut with just traditional crops. Move into organic and niche products, such as Japanese cucumbers and exotic herbs. The worldwide demand for new exotic and healthy food is insatiable.

Improve the quality of local seed industries

Farmers' cooperatives could set up warehouses and share the costs of modern processing centers for export quality produce, and buying agro-drones, which can be used for surveying, controlling pests and weeds, and delivering produce to nearby consumers.

And think about becoming contract farmers of green products for ethical global producers. With more overseas customers your food safety and standardization will catch up to international levels, which opens you to more lucrative markets.

Oh, and while you are at it, why don’t you try fixing that bumpy country road, so loads are not lost on their way to export.

So that’s what you need to sow.