Study with the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program

Video | 13 March 2017

The ADB-Japan Scholarship Program is open to citizens of eligible ADB borrowing member countries and accepts around 150 students a year in 29 universities. The program could be the helping hand you need to further your studies!


Babina is active in her community in Nepal, using her degree in agricultural economics to help small farmers generate more income. She’s ambitious. She knows she could achieve more, such as shaping national policy if she could study at postgraduate level.

But Babina and thousands of other aspirational professionals in developing Asia are often held back because they cannot afford graduate-level education.

The Asian Development Bank recognized this barrier in 1988, and through the goodwill of the people of Japan, partnered to create the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program (JSP) to give a helping hand to people like Babina.

The Program is open to citizens of eligible ADB-borrowing member countries who want to study economics, science, business, management, or technology. Courses in other development-related fields are also possible.

The Scholarship Program accepts around 150 students a year in 29 universities, 15 of which are in Japan. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

JSP covers tuition fees and pays a monthly living allowance. Medical insurance and travel expenses are also paid. A special allowance is also available for research and thesis preparation.

Interested? You need to be under 35 and already hold a first degree.

The first step is to visit the ADB JSP website, choose a partner university and apply to them directly.

Then there are 3 selection stages: 1) Partner universities submit their shortlisted candidates to ADB, 2) ADB recommends candidates to the Government of Japan, 3) ADB selects the candidates and informs the partner universities. Partner universities notify the selected candidates.

Anything else?

Yes, it’s important to point out that JSP alumni are expected to use their new knowledge and skills to help build the country they are from.

To compete in a globalized economy and move to middle-income status, countries in Asia and the Pacific need the professionals like never before.

Help yourself. Help your country. And help grow Asia and the Pacific.

Apply now to the ADB-Japan Scholarship Program.