For 25 years, ADB and Tajikistan have worked together to help the economy grow and improve people’s lives. Since 1998, ADB has committed around $2.5 billion in assistance to the country. ADB has supported a diverse range of sectors – from strategic road and energy infrastructure to health, skills development, food security, resilience to climate change, finance, and others.  


25 years together with Tajikistan

Improving people’s lives

$2.5 billion of assistance

700 kilometers of upgraded highways

100,000 rural households with safe drinking water

600 kilometers of new or upgraded power transmission lines

1.3 million people vaccinated against COVID-19

170,000 hectares of land irrigated and protected from flooding

3 hydropower plants modernized

260,000 rural people have improved health services

29 vocational institutions and 117 secondary schools renovated and equipped

500,000 urban citizens with improved water supply and sewerage

Strengthened climate and disaster resilience 

ADB continues to support Tajikistan toward a prosperous, green, and sustainable future for all.