As Bhutan scales up efforts to enhance its vocational education sector, ADB is providing support to upgrading the Khuruthang Technical Training Institute in Western Bhutan. 


Khuruthang Technical Training Institute 
Punakha, Western Bhutan

Bhutan trains its youth to join the skilled workforce of the future. 

ADB plays a key role by supporting Khuruthang and 3 other vocational education institutes in the country. 

Kinley Pem, student 
"When I was a student, I thought of being an electrician. When I went with my dad in the power house, I was so inspired and shocked by the people, the electricians, those who are making lights and all. And I told my dad, “Dad, can I be one of them?” and he said “Yeah, sure you can.” To speak frankly, my marks could not make it for university and since I’m not that rich, financially, my parents could not afford to pay for my education. So, my ambition and my dad’s ambition is for me to be an electrician, so I joined here." 

Nowadays, the market demands more skills than more knowledge. If we’re going in search of jobs, then everyone is demanding the person who has skills, not the knowledge. 

"I want to help my parents and my younger siblings by giving them money that is made by myself with my skills. I have to be a role model to my 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. Because they’ll be watching me and doing whatever I do. Back in high school, when there is some electrical maintenance, we always say it’s a boy’s job, you can go and do. But when we came here, we can do it, if we are confident and we are hard-working, we can do much better than the boys. If the woman has the skills on her hand, she can be financially independent and she can become whatever she wants to be." 

In 2018, ADB will help upgrade the institute's curriculum and lecturers' expertise , and fund new equipment and tools.