A special symposium on universal health coverage during ADB’s 53rd Annual Meeting, c-hosted by ADB, the World Health Organization, and the Government of Japan, brought together Finance and Health Ministers, plus experts from across the region, to look at how health systems have responded to COVID-19, and how expanded, affordable, and sustainable healthcare investment provides not just a humanitarian benefit, but an economic benefit as well.


COVID-19 changed our world overnight and exposed just how fragile our health systems are.

It’s taught us important lessons, like the value of universal health coverage—and why that must be a priority for Asia and the Pacific.

Along with The World Health Organization and Government of Japan, ADB held a special symposium during the 53rd Annual Meeting on how to make UHC a reality.

Health and Finance Ministers, plus experts from across Asia and the Pacific, shared lessons and successful strategies from responding to COVID-19.

They also discussed how UHC can increase resilience to health and economic shocks. 

The meeting agreed that deeper collaboration between member countries, ADB, and its partners would lead to sustainable investment for building comprehensive, high-quality health systems … and for helping to advance UHC across Asia and the Pacific.