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Welcome to OCO!

Video | 20 March 2017

Kai Preugschat, head of ADB's Office of Cofinancing Operations, highlights the advantages of partnering with ADB.


SOT: Kai Preugschat
Head, Office of Cofinancing Operations
Asian Development Bank
“At 50, ADB has the honor of having witnessed a remarkable transformation of Asia from poverty to prosperity in many places. And we were able to contribute a significant amount of resources to help Asia achieve this. More than $250 billion have been invested into hard infrastructure, soft knowledge, into development of ideas.

Very often, these ideas were your ideas. You came to us, you discussed the concept, we jointly tried to develop that into a practical application, possibly then followed by a long-term financing of infrastructure.

For these, the best success stories work frequently where we teamed up, where we had an idea, you needed to verify the idea. You had the technology, we had the relationship with the governments to propose implementation.

We jointly had the financial resources to provide financial support at attractive terms, to make this investment possible.

And without any doubt, going forward, we still have to address a significant infrastructure gap in Asia. We have to continue to engage into the improvement of the climate, there’s so much soft capital that is required to help Asia continue to grow. And for this, we will be in a situation where many taxpayers in the world will not contribute more, where we need a strategic cooperation with partners for ideas, innovation, and finance.

And for this, we look very much forward to engage with you and to enhance our cooperation to jointly deliver better solutions for Asia.”