ADB’s new initiative, the Women’s Finance Exchange (WFX), has seen a large drive for digitalization amid the pandemic. So, WFX wants to ensure that this digitalization does not leave women-owned and led businesses behind. The WFX does this through hackathons, webinars, capacity building, and knowledge products that can enable financial institutions empower women through digitalization.


Women’s Finance Exchange: Gender Equality through Digitalization

Women’s Finance Exchange?

ADB’s new initiative to support financial institutions to boost women’s access to finance in the Asia Pacific region

WFX has hosted events to promote gender equality in finance.

Christine Engstrom

Director, Private Sector Financial Institutions, Asian Development Bank:

The ADB Financial Institutions group has done a lot of work in gender, in terms of supporting access to finance for women through financial institutions.

What I wanted to do was bring together on a platform, and create a community, where we can help to share the work that we've done.  

And to share knowledge and spread that to other, different countries that are just starting out on their journey to finance women.

And we've seen a large drive for digitalization. But we need to make sure that digitalization doesn't leave SMEs and particularly women behind.   

So [with WFX], we wanted to combine gender as well as digitalization to help increase financial institutions' ability to reach more women.

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