Georgia: Country Operations Business Plan (2015-2017)

The strategic thrust of the Georgia country operations business plan (COBP), 2015–2017 is aligned with the draft Georgia Country Partnership Strategy  2014–2018 (consideration by the ADB Board of Directors is envisaged for Q1 2015), the findings from the recent Midterm Review of Strategy 2020, and the Socio-economic Development Strategy of Georgia (Georgia 2020).

The COPB will support the government to (i) improve internal and regional market connectivity to enhance private sector competitiveness and to broaden community access to economic opportunities; (ii) make essential drinking water, sewerage, and sanitation services more accessible and reliable, particularly in smaller towns and secondary cities that are potential hubs for agribusiness and tourism; (iii) improve the security and stability of power systems, especially for communities in lagging regions; (iv) strengthen public sector management for domestic resource mobilization and investment in business and infrastructure; and (v) increase access to finance and promote financial inclusion, particularly for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.


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