Unlocking Indonesia's Geothermal Potential

The study documents key issues that have constrained the development of Indonesia's geothermal power development sector, including tariffs, tendering processes, financial considerations, permitting, and inter-agency coordination. The report then makes a set of comprehensive recommendations to unlock the potential of the sector, including a new tariff regime, improvements to the tendering process, re-negotiation of power purchase agreements, and innovative modes of financing and project de-risking.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Tariff Design
  • Implementation Issues and Procedures
  • Tariff Ceilings Based on Benefits
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Recovery of Incremental Costs
  • Tendering
  • The Tariff Impacts of Front-End De-risking
  • Institutional and Financing Issues
  • Unlocking the Sector: Study Team Recommendations
  • Appendixes

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