Together We Deliver 2015: Partnerships against Poverty

Fourteen stories from across Asia and the Pacific highlight successful projects that demonstrate development impact, best practices, and innovation. They were implemented through the hard work of ADB’s developing member countries in partnership with ADB project teams and other partners. The results of these projects have changed and will continue to change the lives of people in Asia and the Pacific. 

About the publication

Together We Deliver is jointly produced by ADB and its developing member countries as a companion publication to the Development Effectiveness Review report.

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  • Foreword
  • Partnerships against Poverty
  • Afghanistan: Banking on Business in Afghanistan
    • A private bank in Afghanistan is helping create thousands of jobs by providing loans that small and medium-sized enterprises desperately need to start or expand their businesses.
  • Azerbaijan: On the Road to Progress
    • A road project spanning Azerbaijan is moving people, goods, and vehicles faster and more efficiently while improving lives in nearby communities.
  • Bangladesh: Saving Lives at the Rainbow Clinics
    • Maternity clinics run under a public–private partnership are bringing health care to the urban slums of Bangladesh.
  • Cambodia: Power to the People
    • Life is a lot brighter in Cambodia since a regional cooperation project brought affordable and reliable electricity from Viet Nam.
  • People’s Republic of China: Riding the Rails to Prosperity
    • In the spectacular landscape of Yunnan Province in the People’s Republic of China, a railway is proving that ancient cultures, tourism, and economic progress can coexist and benefit all.
  • People’s Republic of China: Harnessing Hidden Fuel
    • From LED streetlamps to revolutionary plastic manufacturing, an innovative project in power-hungry Guangdong in the People’s Republic of China has made the province a model of energy efficiency.
  • India: Proud as a Peacock
    • Mumbai’s new Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is a triumph of award-winning design and a shining example of how the government’s embrace of public–private partnerships is helping solve the infrastructure deficit in India.
  • Mongolia: Better Health for All
    • A project in Mongolia to modernize an antiquated health system is bringing better health care to underserved rural areas.
  • Nepal: Working Their Way out of Poverty
    • The greatest dream for those caught in the poverty trap is to get a decent job. An inspiring project in Nepal is giving marginalized people the skills to do just that.
  • Philippines: Rewards from Good Governance
    • A project in the Philippines is helping local governments deliver more efficient and effective public services.
  • Sri Lanka: Restoring Lives in Sri Lanka
    • An ambitious and wide-ranging project helped return a sense of normalcy to an estimated one million conflict-affected people in Sri Lanka.
  • Thailand: The Power of Sunshine and Strong Partnership
    • In Thailand, a solar farm, one of the largest in Southeast Asia, is leading the way to a greener future, and its remarkable partnership with communities is a model of corporate social responsibility.
  • Tonga: High-Speed Revolution in Tonga
    • An undersea fiber-optic cable network is banishing Tonga’s long isolation and ushering in the wired world of the 21st century.
  • Uzbekistan: A Healthy Start for New Lives
    • A health development partnership is giving mothers and babies a head start in Uzbekistan.
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