Outlook for Increased Adoption of Smart Grid Technologies in ADB Energy Sector Operations

Developed countries are implementing large-scale smart grid technologies and many developing countries are also in the process of adopting various smart grid components into their power systems.

The working paper presents an overview of technical and functional details on smart grids to provide a framework for increased integration of the technology in ADB’s Energy Sector operations. The paper proposes support in development of smart grid road maps, smart grid codes, policies and regulatory frameworks, capacity building, and implementation of smart grid projects in a phased manner.

  • Executive Summary
  • Smart Grid: Context and Advancements
  • Smart Grids at a Glance
  • Techniques to Integrate Smart Grid in ADB Energy Sector Operations
  • Global Smart Grids Initiatives and Case Studies
  • Challenges in the Rollout of Smart Grid Components
  • Way Forward for ADB
  • Appendix
  • References

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