Myanmar Transport Sector Policy Note: How to Improve Road User Charges

Myanmar’s road sector investment needs—and costs—reach about $1.45 billion annually. Road externalities in Myanmar, particularly accidents, represent a cost similar in magnitude. The infrastructure and external costs associated with each vehicle are high, justifying a potentially high level of taxation.

This report presents a preliminary economic analysis of road user costs and fees, partly drawing from the World Bank’s Road User Charge model and analysis framework, and a review of the tolling system. Proposed improvements in the road user charging framework include measures such as creating a new heavy vehicle license fee, creating a fuel levy, and restructuring the road tolling program.

About the Transport Sector Policy Note

The Myanmar Transport Sector Policy Note is composed of a series of 9 reports, and a Summary for Decision Makers.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • The Costs Associated with Road Use
  • User Charging System and Cost Recovery
  • Review the Ministry of Construction’s Tolled Road Program
  • Possible Improvements in the Road User Charging Framework

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