2015 Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks' Climate Finance

This included $25 billion of MDBs’ direct climate finance, combined with a further $56 billion from other investors.  These MDB climate finance figures are detailed here in the 2015 Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks’ Climate Finance. This important contribution to the global climate change challenge was reinforced by pledges from all MDBs in 2015 to significantly increase their climate financing in coming years. The pledges were made in the run-up to the COP21 Paris Agreement, the world’s first universal climate accord adopted in December 2015 by 195 countries.

About the report

The report was prepared by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) together with MDB partners: the African Development Bank (AfDB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDBG), and the World Bank Group (WBG). The report is based on the joint MDB approach to climate finance tracking and reporting. 


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