Transport in Myanmar: 12 Things to Know

Myanmar needs to increase its investments in transport, including modernizing roads and rail systems to make them safer and more efficient, according to the Asian Development Bank’s Myanmar Transport Sector Policy Note. These improvements will save lives, grow the economy and create jobs.

  1.   In Myanmar, 20 million people lack basic road access, says ADB’s Myanmar Transport Sector Policy Note.
  2.   Most rail lines and 60% of Myanmar’s highways are in poor condition.
  3.   In 2014, 4,300 people died on Myanmar’s roads, twice as many as in 2009.
  4.   In the last 4 years, the number of vehicles in Myanmar has doubled.
  5.   In recent years, road travel in Myanmar’s capital Yangon has become two to three times slower.
  6.   In Myanmar, the paved highway network has increased by 35%.
  7.   Myanmar needs $60 billion in transport infrastructure investments for 2016–2030.
  8.   Road user fees can cover just one third of what Myanmar needs to invest in infrastructure.
  9.   In Myanmar, passenger fares pay only half the costs of operating the rail system.
  10.   Improved transport could increase Myanmar’s GDP by 13% or about $40-billion.
  11.   More than 40,000 lives could be saved in Myanmar by improved transport, says ADB’s Myanmar Transport Sector Policy Note.
  12.   ADB recommends Myanmar increase transport investments to 3% to 4% of GDP. 

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