Reliable Electricity Powers Up Samoa

ADB is working with the Government of Samoa to improve the reliability of its power sector, including upgrading the country's aging distribution system. The country has also introduced Cash Power, a prepayment system that helps consumers better manage electricity consumption. 


Samoa, South Pacific. Samoa is famous for its vibrant culture and beaches. But beyond this picture perfect view, a reliable power supply was needed for enchancing the quality of life of all Samoans.

Electricity supply was unreliable and expensive.

For the Sauvao family, life without electricity is a constant struggle.

SOT: Ioane Sauvao
Rural farmer, Faleasiu Village
"Years ago when we still don't have the electricity it was very difficult, especially with young children at night time. We needed to prepare lamps before night falls. It was really hard work for the whole family."

Reliable electricity services are also vital for promoting business in Samoa, especially to this organization that provides income-generating opportunities to rural farmers.

Its rural farmers are contributing to Samoa's local economy, as well as exporting to international markets.

SOT: Alberta Vitale
Associate Director, Women in Business Development
"The majority of the processing facilities here in Samoa, they need reliable power supply. Our small-scale farmers are able to connect (their appliances) like television and having power supply to power-up their facilities."

As demand for electricity grows, the government is finding new ways to increase capacity.

Samoa's Power Sector Expansion Project (PSEP) is a 9-year venture supported by ADB, Australia and JICA.

SOT: Fonoti Perelini S. Perelini
Project Manager, Electric Power Corporation
"Electric Power Corporation (EPC) was struggling at that time. And the government stepped in, looking as it impacts on the economic development for the country."

The project is divided into various components and provides more opportunities for local contractors, who are taking on around 65% of the work.

A new 23-megawatt diesel Power Station at Fiaga is the biggest project component. The component included the manufacture of 4 new diesel generators, fuel tanks, access roads, and transformers. Another main component is Samoa's state-of-the-art substation in Fuluasou.

EPC's financial performance was improved through the introduction of Cash Power. It's a prepayment system that enables customers to better manage monthly power consumption. 

SOT: Tologatā Galumalemana Lupematasila Tagaloatele Tile Leῑ’a Tuimalealiifano
General Manager, Electric Power Corporation
"The main reason why we introduced the prepaid system is to improve our debt services. It's a way to solve the problem, not only for EPC, but also it assists the consumers."

SOT: Alberta Vitale
Associate Director, Women in Business Development
"The advantage that we see for the use of Cash Power is really reliable. We have a budget and we always work towards how much we need to spend every month."

98% of customers are now using Cash Power. With tthe power sector's improved efficiency, power supply is now regular, even with peak demand growing at 3% per year.

Economic development is expected to grow based on a constant flow of electricity.

Building on its success in the power sector, Samoa is now working to reduce dependency on imported fuels by promoting clean, indigenous, and renewable energy.


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