ASEAN Infrastructure Fund: Financing Infrastructure for Growth and Development

Launched in 2011, the AIF provides lending to sovereign or sovereign-guaranteed projects in the ASEAN region through a funded participation in ADB loans. With a total paid equity of $485.3 million, the AIF is ASEAN’s largest financing initiative for infrastructure based on member countries’ contributions. The fund’s shareholders include all 10 members of ASEAN as well as ADB. To date, the AIF has committed $520 million for nine projects and has a total portfolio size of around $3 billion, including ADB cofinancing. The infrastructure projects are in the energy, transport, urban, and water sectors.

  • What is the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund?
  • AIF Timeline
  • How Does the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund Work?
  • What are the Benefits of the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund?
  • The AIF in Action
  • Looking Forward (2009–2021): Supporting Green and Inclusive Infrastructure

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